View from aboard about 25-S and following days

This is a resume of events, in English with subtitles in the same language:

RT gives their view of what happened yesterday in Spain

Clashes erupt as Madrid cops squelch austerity protest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

AlJazeera international marks the demonstrations in Madrid as top european news

Anti-austerity rallies hit Spain and Portugal

BBC has also a little corner for the demonstrations in Madrid, short, pro-government, with their headlines more interested in the flood that affectect the southern part of the country (with British “residents” there) than in the real problems of the country.

Clashes at third day of Spain austerity protest

The price is in Korea…. absolutely great

Spain protests 2012: Police brutality in anti-austerity riots (Cargas en el Congreso)


Despite police violence, Madrid returns to the street on the 26-S

Batons, secretc police infiltrated, fear tactics and state terrorism…

Despite all of them Madrid retakes the square the following day. Peacefully. 25-S became 26-S. And the movement starts to spread to other major cities. Vasc country and Navarra are on general strike against the same issues; Catalans ask for an independent state due the same reasons; social movements raise in Andalucia for the same reasons…

Something smells rotten in the Kingdom of Spain.

Pese a la violencia policial, Madrid regresa el 26-S

Porrazos, infiltrados, mentiras, tácticas para infundir miedo y terrorismo de Estado…
Pese a todo ello Madrid regreso al día siguiente a Neptuno. El 25-S se convirtió en 26-S. Y se empieza a trasladar a otras capitales de provincia. Pais Vasco y Navarra están en huelga general por exactamente las mismas razones; los catalanes piden la independencia por las mismas razones; movimientos sociales en Andalucía se alzan por las mismas razones…

Algo huele a podrido en el Reino de Espana.

Spanish secret police sparks incidents in Madrid on the 25-S

Infiltrated secret police sparked violence in a peaceful demonstration in Madrid. The result has been multiple injured and scores of people detained.
The police charges arrived even inside the train stations, where they charged with rubber batons and fired rubber bullets against the people that was waiting for their train.

The Spanish government is repressing their people by fear using fascist tactics.