Fake Attacks on US Banks Blamed on – Occupy Corporatism

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Occupy Corporatism October 20, 2012. Last week, Ally Financial Inc. (AF) claimed “unusual activity” on their website which resembled being monitored. Other US Banks such as BB&T Corp and Capitol One, credit card issuers …

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Organize – Occupy – Towards an Unlimited General Strike! – International Viewpoint – online socialist magazine

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This leaflet was distributed on October 9, the day of Mrs. Merkel’s visit to Athens by OKDE – Spartakos, Greek section of the Fourth International.

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Disabled veteran kicked out of store, told to go occupy Wall Street — RT

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A disabled war veteran faced verbal abuse when he entered a mattress store in San Antonio. The vet was told to “go occupy Wall Street” and subsequently kicked out of the store because he brought his leashed service dog with him.

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CFPB Report on Student Loan Servicing Shows Same Predatory Tactics as Mortgage Servicing | FDL News Desk

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released an eye-opening report on student lending late last week that got me thinking about a simple truth I think (CFPB Report on Student Loan Servicing Shows Same Predatory Tactics as Mortgage Servicing #1u…

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Ejército Clown de Liberación durante el #23o y #27o 2.0

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Las personas que nos han enviado esta propuesta recogen las aportaciones de quienes amablemente han contribuido al debate sobre la iniciativa. Colgamos el documento retocado que nos han remitido y …

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