The talibans bombed it on 2004, the police charges on 2012

Everydody remembers the bombs in Madrid: 11 March 2004 is a date not to forget.

Today, the same train station has been raided by the police forces, which after charging against the demonstrators in the street, did the same in the narrow platforms.
Peaceful people, that was just waiting their trains, were vandalized by the savage aggression of the police forces, which, without any kind of self identification, simply “cleared” the platforms but their rubber batons, indiscriminately.

Police charge


A journalist is trapped, requested identification and the officer just comments that “he is going to be charged with a felony, that the judge will decide”. At the end, the officer removes and destroys his camera.




Final note

The government representative for the region, as well as the Ministry of Interior, have praised the police action.

This is not part of a Sci-Fi film. That was Madrid last night


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